About Joseph BittonB.A., LL.B., Broker

Joseph Bitton is a Broker and holds a Law degree from the University of Western Ontario in London. Joseph is a native Torontonian who is fluent in English, French, and Spanish and has been selling residential and commercial real estate in the Greater Toronto Area since 1987. He has also helped his clients invest in and profit from income property investments. He specializes in the G.T.A. areas of Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham and Woodbridge. Joseph has considerable real estate know-how and hands on negotiation experience acquired during his years as a practicing Toronto lawyer and his many successful years in real estate offer negotiations. Click here for a short article about the advantages of using a realtor with a law degree that features Joseph.
My Business Approach is that I place the interests of my clients above everything else - especially above the commission.  If for any reason, I believe that something would not be a good choice, I will tell you so and will explain my reasons. Why, you ask, would I advise you NOT to buy or sell a property? Because my number one priority is YOU - my client, and YOUR BEST INTERSTS come BEFORE any commission.
I will act totally in your best interests at all times, providing timely, accurate and honest information and advice.  I understand the trust my clients place in me when buying or selling perhaps their most valuable asset and I will continue to earn your trust by providing the most reliable, trustworthy, courteous and effective service in the industry time and time again.
My objective is to earn your business through demonstration of competency and genuine concern for your interests!
My Commitment is that I will take the purchase and/or sale of your home as seriously as if I were buying or selling for myself. I will treat you with respect, integrity, honesty and professionalism, because its not just the 1 transaction that I’m interested in, but, in the course of your lifetime, you will probably move another 2-3 times, and a long term relationship is what I’m interested in. I also understand that if I do a great and honest job for you, then you would probably refer some of your friends, family and colleagues to me, wouldn’t you?"Contact Joseph directly at 416-801-8600 or by email bitton@torontorealestate4u.com